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Parrish Monk, MBA  Ed.D

Spiritual Artist, Creative, Writer, Educator, Advocate, and Humanitarian

Abfigminimalism-  is style of painting where distinct art styles and methods are intentionally combined to create a unified piece of artwork.  For example, painting a purely abstract background with a minimalist figure drawing placed on top. Abfigminimalism = abstract + figurative + minimalist. 

I unintentionally found myself painting abstract pieces that after seeing the completed work I could not leave it alone. However, while placing a figure or a minimalist subject on top of the painting I wanted to ensure that the background painting (i.e., the abstract) was still seen and appreciated.  

This name was given to me by some art collectors and a gallery owner during one of my shows in Cincinnati who were, in jest or perhaps not, trying to categorize my work by comparing it to known styles. My mentor, an accomplished artist, said that my work was more abstract expressionism.  Abstract expressionism can be defined as:  an artistic movement of the mid-20th century comprising diverse styles and techniques and emphasizing especially an artist's liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through nontraditional and usually nonrepresentational means.

While I have created and regularly create with a unique, commercially popular artistic aesthetic, I feel as if I am truly pioneering artwork that depicts a progressive interpretation of modern art. Either way it goes, as a self-taught artist I do not stick to one thing. I experiment and learn all of the time. I paint, sculpt, make jewelry and a bunch of other creative things. I do consider myself an artist, artisan and a crafter all wrapped up in one. I don't mind being called an Abfigminimalist; after all I am the first to hold this title and perhaps this, like other artsy terms, will become a household word one day.