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Parrish Monk, MBA  Ed.D

Spiritual Artist, Creative, Writer, Educator, Advocate, and Humanitarian

Artist Statement 

My diverse artworks are a reflection of a self-taught artist’s refusal to be placed in a box or easily defined while simultaneously trying to conform to the idea or ideas of creating great art. I am a painter, sculptor, woodworker, jewelry maker, fiber artist, potter, writer and I even produce music. I do not stick to one subject or one style or one medium; I can’t. It’s not in my nature.

I am humbled at the opportunity to be a successful full-time artist and artisan. Beside my own gentle criticisms, I feel fortunate to be free of a bunch of critical voices swimming around in my head about what’s right and wrong, stifling my creativity with rigidity, while trying to direct my path down a widely traveled road. In other words, I really like experimenting, breaking rules, discovery, and being free to just be creative without having the residue of someone else’s ideas intertwined with my ideas. But then again, I never learned how to mix colors, paint skin tones, the difference between soft and hard lead, or color theory. I am sure there is a YouTube video. However, what I have learned is that the process of being creative soothes my troubled mind, nurtures my soul, builds my inner peace and allows me to express my sense of freedom and passion and share it with others. What a blessing!  

Despite being self-taught since becoming a full-time artists in December 2013, I have met all of the external markers and expectations for validation (e.g., galleries, sold art globally, traveling shows, have collectors et cetera) as an artist except for one. I am still trying to find my voice.  I feel a deep sense of incompleteness and incompetence which to me is a lack of connection to my purpose as an artist.  I believe that I am supposed to create art that goes beyond matching someone’s couch or evoking a sense of excitement because it was a person’s first piece of original artwork or it was their favorite color. I want to create life changing experiences and profound creations that somehow impact this world and others positively. I am not inclined to be a political artivist (artist + activist) but I do want to make a difference. This is why I explore multiple forms of creations and styles because I believe that somehow, somewhere, while I am exploring that I will finally fin my voice.

Even though I have sold over 478 original paintings across the globe; have been in the news and in magazines; have frequently appeared in numerous galleries, art exhibits and art shows; have won a few awards et cetera. I have not yet mastered myself as an artist, something that is hard to explain to others. Therefore, I still need a lot of growth and development as I am trying to find and share my voice while honing my craft and improving my skills, not only as an artist but as a business man.