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Parrish Monk, MBA  Ed.D

Spiritual Artist, Creative, Writer, Educator, Advocate, and Humanitarian

Skills Include


Public Speaking

Developmental Math

Small Business Management

Art Business 

About Parrish Monk

From my sculptures and handmade jewelry to my paintings, my diverse artworks are a reflection of the lifelong learning process and self-discovery of a self-taught artist. Despite being a self-taught artist, I have been a successful, full-time, independent artist since in January 2014 with over 513 original paintings being sold to collectors across the globe. I am deeply humbled by my experiences as an artist and have worked diligently to give back to the local community by helping to empower and support other local artists, artisans and small creative businesses by creating the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program (INKAA); a not-for-profit art business incubator that helps creatives with the “business side” of the art world. As the current Executive Director of INKAA ( I partner with the owners of Inspirado @the Madison Gallery in Covington ( to continue to help others while pursuing growth and development opportunities for my own career as an artist. I am also an adjunct professor at Indiana Tech University and an education consultant primarily teaching developmental math and business management courses.  Although I have my Doctorate in Education Leadership from Northern Kentucky University and an MBA, I have not and will not abandoned my love for empowering non-traditional students and adult learners.


Work today for a better tomorrow and leave this world and its inhabitants in a better condition than when I first arrived on this planet. 


Remaining outside of the box and experimenting while learning doesn't make me unique, but it makes my creations unique and my styles uniquely mine. 

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view my portfolio. Then, let my lens tell your story.


My vision involves a life of being a multi-passionate creator who lives life by his own hands, empowers others,  sparks conversations and inspires the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and one that must be personally experienced.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting my craft with practical experience as a working artist and a vending artist.