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My website is currently under a radical reconstruction. Check back on Friday 7/30/17 for updates and new art, music, and excerpts from my new books

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The Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program, Inc 501c-3 (INKAA)

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Parrish Monk, MBA  Ed.D

Spiritual Artist, Creative, Writer, Educator, Advocate, and Humanitarian

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Inspirado at the Madison Gallery

Art gallery and fine dining 

Like much of my artwork, though simple, I am a complex, diverse and evolving work in progress.  Like a drop of water trying to return to its source only after it has achieved it purpose, I am changing, moving, hard to contain, adaptable, easy to swallow and fluid .  Welcome to my art page. 

Pictures of Recent 2017 Sales 

  • Art Social at Darkness Brewing in Newport KY   7/22/17  6pm to 11pm
  • ​Covington Night Bizarre 7/14/15 -7/15/17 
  • The Art of Structure at the Madison Gallery Thursday 7/20/17​​SEE EVENT PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS