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 working today for a better tomorrow(tm)

"I am many things. I am a creative amongst other things.  I have been given many labels however, there are not enough words to describe me or what I aspire to be. While it's difficult for me to talk about myself I would humbly say that simply put, I am a full-time multi-passionate artist." -Parrish Monk  6/11/14 extracted  from interview with Boone County Enquirer

"When I create, it feels 'necessary'. Like breathing air, scratching an itch, sleeping when you're exhausted, or caring for those that you love. I am a creative, I create. I am an artist, I do art. I am a teacher, I teach. I am multi-passionate. I am not one thing nor am I passionate about just one form of creativity. I am a small part of a bigger picture. Too big to fit in a box and too small to be contained"- Parrish Monk 

Parrish G. Monk MBA, Ed.D

  • Co-Manager/Director of the  Madison Gallery in Covington ​located at 715 Madison Avenue  Covington, Kentucky
  • ​Owner  ManHandled Jewelry (TM)  and ​ Parrish Monk Arts